Freelancing – the option that many college students take

January 05 06:00 2015

freelancing is for students too!
College is a wonderful time for students! It’s a new start, which will bring you many opportunities, and more freedom. You won’t have to attend all the classes (still, don’t skip them all), and this will give you more time to do what you’re passionate about.

More and more students choose freelancing to start their career. Even if you don’t study in the same field you do your freelance work, it’s still a plus for your professional career.

The advantages of freelancing

Most of the time, it can be hard even for students to find part time jobs. And even if they do find one, usually it’s not something that will help with their career. Being a cashier at McDonald’s, or waiting tables can bring you some money, but what you want in the end is to do something that will count for your future career, or at least bring you some valuable experience.

I’m not saying that from this kind of jobs you don’t have anything to learn – you certainly do learn a lot from interacting with people on a daily basis. But I personally believe in the freedom of doing what you love, and on your own terms.

This is probably one of the biggest advantages of freelancing. You get to establish your own schedule. If you’re a morning person, schedule meetings, or get your work done in the morning. If you’re a night owl (like I am), then you are free to work at night. Nobody can tell you what and when to do your work. It’s like being your own boss.

And when you’re a student, it’s even easier to start down this path. You will meet a lot of people, not just people your age, but people that already have years of experience.

Spread your passion all around you

It’s a no-brainer that we tend to do more of what makes us happy, and what we’re good at. So think about it: what is your passion? What would you like to do in your free time, which will also bring you money?

For example, I have been passionate about make-up since highschool, and after a while I figured that I didn’t have to take a special class to get my make-up artist diploma. With the help of YouTube, and with tons of hours of practicing, I managed to improve my skills. Slowly, I started doing make-up on other people. First, there were my friends. And then, they recommended me to their friends, and so on. That way, I was able to build my portfolio.

The same thing goes with any passion you may have. As I would say: do it with passion, or don’t do it at all. Photography, writing, blogging and others. You name it. It’s only a matter of promoting yourself, everywhere you go. All around the campus, at parties (but you have to be careful here not to talk so much about work, just a quick mention is doable).

Get your freelance on!

Let’s get to work now, shall we? Your quest for today is to discover what you would love to do. If you’re already a freelancer, tell me more about your experience in your college years. How did it work for you? Do you think that freelancing helps students in their professional career? Visit our blog and let us know!

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