‘The Fearless Boy Inventor’ by Jermiko Thomas Rhymes and Sketches a Bold Story for Kids

July 27 14:25 2017

The best way to overcome fear is through appropriate stories, and the latest among these that is winning everyone’s hearts is ‘The Fearless Boy Inventor’ by Jermiko Thomas, an entrepreneur and certified personal trainer. Written in a captivating rhyming style and with rich illustrations, the story of Walter the inventor sends out a powerful message that is easy to grasp and remember.

In the children’s world, fears and dreams loom large. But while fear nips away at motivation and paralyses growth, dreams propel towards greater deeds and action. Walter, the fearless boy inventor, is fond of creating wonderful contraptions that boost his confidence and instill courage. After several successes, he must now set out towards the skies and discover the mysteries of thunder and lightning. The outcome of this search however turns out to be most unexpected.

Targeted at ages 2-10 years, ‘The Fearless Boy Inventor’ packs many new things to make this story a remarkable telling of adventure. It uses the power of rhymes and verses, and the accompanying cartoon illustrations are deep, rich and visually enticing. Inside the 10-minute read, the main character Walter manages to capture attention with his innovative thinking, and kids can easily relate to his dreaming personality.

“The Fearless Boy Inventor is a great book with a serious lesson in it.  It has been built to help you have a positive and important conversation with your little one,” says the book’s review from Kids Fun Channel.

The author Jermiko Thomas learnt to speak only at the age of six and was deemed a slow learner. But by his high school days, he could devour one book after another, and went on to found Jermiko Thomas Enterprises and study business administration at the University of the People. His ability to overcome challenges is reflected in ‘The Fearless Boy Inventor’, which is full of strong messages on overcoming fear, and yet attractively told.

“What kid doesn’t want to imagine themselves as an inventor, or flying up to the clouds, or facing their biggest fear and winning?  I know I would have as a child, and that’s what our author has given to us in this story,” says the review from Healthy Moms Magazine.

‘The Fearless Boy Inventor’ is available for purchase on www.thefearlessboy.com and Amazon.

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