Introducing The M-Charger Advanced, The Cutting Edge Rechargeable Wall-Charger

July 10 21:50 2017
In today’s tech-savvy era, electricity and battery life are both coveted resources. Here to provide a little bit more of these resources without adding any clutter is the M-Charger Advanced by Artex Computers, providing a charging port and cable on-demand.

In the modern world, smartphones are at the forefront of day-to-day thoughts and actions. Phones today are much more than just phones; rather, they are social centers, web browsers, work tools, and much, much more. Thus, it is vital that everyone be able to recharge their phones in a pinch. Sadly the common solution today is carrying a backup battery. This quick fix may sound appealing, but in reality, a backup battery is often bulky and the user needs to remember to recharge it. To make matters worse, these batteries often require two clutter-creating cables: one to charge phones and one to charge the battery itself.

Here to simplify this problem is Artex Computer’s latest product named the M-Charger Advanced. To cut down on the clutter, the M-Charger Advanced has combined the more jumbled aspects of the traditional backup battery set up. Rather than act as a standalone battery bank, the M-Charger Advanced is more like a common wall-charger. On one end the M-Charger Advanced plugs directly into the wall without requiring a cable, in between lies a battery bank to store hours of charge, and on the other end, the M-Charger Advanced has a built-in two-foot cable to recharge devices. As an added benefit, this two-foot cable retracts into the M-Charger itself when not in use, making the entire system extremely compact. This setup makes the M-Charger Advanced perfect for daily use. During the night, the device functions as a typical wall-charger, but in the day it is available to provide the two or more charges that the average person needs each day.

As for the technical specifications, the M-Charger Advanced has a 5000 mAh battery, that’s double the size of the standard smartphone battery. As an added benefit, this battery can be charged through a variety of wall sockets including Type A, Type C, Type E,  Type G.and Type F outlets. This power can then be outputted through a micro USB, USB type-c, or lightning cable, making the M-Charger Advanced compatible with a variety of devices that require 3.7 volts to 5 volts. Thus, the gadget is able to charge anything from cameras, to portable game consoles, to smartphones.

Sadly, producing a product this innovative and this versatile is no easy feat. To remedy this issue, the team behind the M-Charger Advanced has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the campaign page, readers can pre-order the M-Charger Advanced for over thirty-five percent off while supplies last. With this support, the team at Artex Computers is excited to provide compact, portable power to people around the world.


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page here.

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