Eco Art Heating Green specializes in manufacturing of infrared heating panel for use in different conditions

July 10 20:15 2017
Eco Art Heating Green is a China based company that specializes in manufacturing and supplying their clientele with modern day infrared heating solutions.

Opting for a new heating system or even upgrading the existing one can become an overbearing load in terms of cost and efficacy. This is an added load to the already heavy cost of the system and the energy that it would draw to run itself. Even after all of these added cost of installation, most of the companies and other institutions opts for heating solutions as the same offer moral support and comfort to their patrons or workers. This increases the sales and productivity of the institution.

The advent of the modern days and the scientific research carried out in the field of infrared technology led to the development of infrared heating panels. These unique pieces of technology provide efficient and economical solutions for domestic as well as industrial heating requirements. Infrared heating panel mimics the heating effect of the sun and directly heats up objects as well as people. Dissimilar to the forced heating effect induced by moving air flow that gets immediately diffused throughout an area, infrared heating, heats up specific areas with consistency.

infrared heating panels

Eco Art Heating Green is a China based company that combines state of the art scientific research with that of consumer technology. The company mainly deals in the manufacture and supply of infrared panel heater made for both domestic as well as industrial heating requirements. The company has extensive experience in this area as the same has been in this trade for over ten years. The products on offer from the company all come with a minimum of 5 years warranty that covers accidental damage as well as mechanical failure.

The unique selling point of their offered products is that unlike the conventional heating equipments such as forced air blowers, electric panel heaters do not require regular or even periodic maintenance sessions. To increase the productivity of an institution one should maintain the ambient temperature of the building in such a way that the feet of the patrons or that of the workers does not get cold. Infrared heating panels offer heating effect in an even manner without dispersing the same throughout the area. The heating effect can be perceived only by the target object or person towards which the panel is facing. The products offered from Ecoart heating can be easily inserted into the ceiling and false ceiling compartments.

The same can be mounted on the walls of the office or studio as well as home setups and customized accordingly whether it is to advertize something or to show off your favorite painting. Infrared heating panels offer the customers with the convenience of running the same just for half an hour or so to instantly heat a board meeting room or your drawing room when there is a meeting to attend to or there is an unexpected guest on the way. The instant heating effect of the infrared heating panel offers the client with the ability to heat any room or enclosure within moments.

About Eco Art Heating Green

Eco Art Heating Green is a company based in China that deals in infrared heating panels for both domestic as well as industrial use. For further details please refer to the company’s official website mentioned above.

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